3D Robotic Billboard

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FUYU Dynamic LED Screen Applications

Transportation Hub Center
Static LED advertising screens are not attractive enough and are prone to visual fatigue.
The urban lighting project has made it impossible for the billboards purchased by large amounts of money to stand out from the surrounding environment.
FUYU mechanical dot matrix screen can be customized according to the actual situation, improve and upgrade. In a word, greatly increase the value of your advertising space.

Business District & Shopping Mall Square
How to catch the eye in the bustling CBD? Dazzling print billboards fail to lock in the audience’s attention.
FUYU smart wavy screen can realize three-dimensional interaction according to the video content and 100% realize your advertising creativity.

Stage & Museum
Limited to traditional video display equipment, human stories and art designs can only be presented in a flat static form. FUYU moving LED screen, with real-time audio and picture, three-dimensional dynamic display, bring visitors a truly immersive experience.



Light Box / Modeling Light / LED Display / Moving Screen / Digital Billboard


Outdoor / Indoor / Aluminum Profile / Programmable / Embossed / 3D Hologram