Long Stroke Belt Driven Aluminium Linear Guide Rail

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【Main Feature】

FBL60 linear module, fully enclosed structure, body width 60mm, good rigidity, low noise, lightweight, high rigidity structural design, long life, short setting time, high positioning accuracy.

【Application Area】

Generally used for precise positioning detection, laser plus (laser cutting/laser marking/laser engraving/laser drilling, etc.) precision assembly, precision machine tools, semiconductor production equipment, positioning detection, electronic production equipment, and 3D printing equipment.

  • Series: FBL60
  • Stroke Range: 200mm~3000mm
  • Position Accuracy: 0.1mm
  • Max Speed: 900mm/s
  • Max Load: 30kg
  • Synchronous Wheel Circumference: 135mm
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    Motorized linear axis could be assembled to positioning systems/motion stages, which fulfill various tech requirements for engraving , welding, drilling, milling, dispensing, packaging, 3d printing and other cnc automatic Industrial machines. At present, our linear guide has obtained international related certifications: IP66, CE, ROHS, FCC and the company is certified by the relevant national departments: ISO9001-2008, National High-tech Enterprise, Dual-soft Enterprise. The intellectual property rights involved 2 invention patents, 32 utility models, 13 appearance patents and more than 20 software copyrights.

    FUYU has a development perspective of the world, all products are in strict accordance with the production process and standards, the 70 patents cover various aspects of the new module and controller technology.With advanced technology and sincere cooperation attitude, we will, as always, go hand in hand with our customers with high quality products, reasonable prices and professional services to create brilliant future.