15 kinds of Industrial robots for automated linear guide

robotic automation

Linear module is also called the linear motion guide, its application in industry is very broad, many people may not have heard of linear axis, but when it comes to its purpose, may to the precision of automation products you have hearded even used. Let us make a brief introduction of the application of linear guide rail.

1. Production line handling operations: using the linear module of the characteristics of high load and high speed operation to perform on the conveyor belt goods transport operations;

2. Large items take put work: using linear module of high load and high positioning precision features, to replace artificial execute large goods handling operations;

3. The tool machining take put homework: using linear module of high location accuracy and the stability of the high speed characteristics, tie-in tool machine to perform the job of up-down material take put agencies;

4. IC take put the entire operation: using linear module can be precise mobile features, use two shaft connection module, slider, tie-in fixture or chuck can group set to take put institutions;

5. IC print jobs: linear module is uniform and the isometric mobile features, to perform the laser print job;

6. The packing of the whole assignment: the characteristics of linear module high positioning precision, make the motion of the whole column to use on the conveyor belt;

7. Part of the group of state assignment: using multipoint linear module on positioning and the features of accurate, smooth implementation parts group set homework;

8. PCB cutting operation: by using the linear module can be uniform and stable mobile features, collocation of cutter institutions to carry out the cutting operation;

9. The spray PCB substrate words: using linear module can be uniform and stable mobile features, fix the base board module, moving up the spray words in homework;

10. Winding machine device: using high precision linear module on accurate movement and the characteristics of the constant speed operation;

11. Surface treatment: using linear module can be uniform and stable mobile features, the workpiece to hang on the module is immersed in the solvent, surface treatment can be carried out smoothly;

12. Paint: using linear module can be precise positioning and the characteristics of stable operation;

13. Large LCD glass coating equipment, the design of the use of longmen link way, the glue guns fixed in the Z axis of the multiple axis module can be used to using high-speed coating on the job;

14. The CCD image visual detection device: using linear module high positioning accuracy and tell the characteristics of running stability, used to perform the appearance of AOI inspection;

15. Automatic soldering operations: using the linear module, the characteristics of high precision and high stability, perform complex circuit board soldering operation of spare parts.

Post time: Feb-12-2019