4 Key Factors to Select Palletizer with Linear Positioning System

Palletizer Linear Positioning system

Palletizers are very powerful and they can have many different functions in different environments. For example, a feed palletizer, which can collect, sort and arrange work products. However, due to the popularity of machinery and the growing market demand, the production function and design of palletizers are not the same. Therefore, sometimes the purchase of a palletizer does not know exactly how to choose. Let us explain some of the common problems and hope to help you.

1.Palletizing speed:

The working speed of the palletizing machine is to express the efficiency. If the working speed of the palletizing machine cannot reach the production requirement, then the efficiency reduction will affect the production plan of the company. The speed within a certain range is the palletizing machine. One of the basic functions of the expression.

2.Quality control

The quality of the palletizing machine and the internal structure are the key to the service life and design of the palletizing machine. Good configuration and good component quality are the key to the product. This should be the focus of the company’s choice.

3, Machine structure:

mechanical structure is the design of production requirements, if the design of the palletizer can not meet the production needs, will bring great difficulties, such as grabbed bag palletizing machine, its most important job is The products are automatically collected, sorted, and packed. Therefore, it is necessary to confirm whether the structural design can meet the requirements before purchasing such palletizers, and at the same time meet the requirements for future improvement.

4. Positioning System:

As with other mechanical devices, the palletizing machine also has a control operating system. This is what most palletizing machines have. In general, the system is a necessary factor for the stable operation of the equipment. If it is powerful, it can be used. Many problems were found in the process and equipment and operation protection could be performed. A good system was also the key to the selection.

Post time: Feb-25-2019