Application of Cartesian Coordinate Robot on industrial robotics

Cartesian coordinate robot concept: In industrial applications, it can realize automatic control, reprogrammable, multi-functional, multi-degree of freedom, right-angle space between movement freedom, multi-purpose operation machine. He can carry objects and operate tools to complete various tasks. With regard to the definition of the robot, with the continuous development of science and technology, it is continuously improving. The Cartesian coordinate robot is a kind of robot and its meaning is constantly being improved.


Characteristics of Cartesian Robots:

1, multi-degrees of freedom movement, the angle of space between each degree of freedom of movement is a right angle.
2, Automatic control, repeatable programming, all movements are run according to the program.
3, generally consists of control systems, drive systems, mechanical systems, operating tools and other components.
4, flexible, multi-function, because the different functions of the operating tools are also different.
5, high reliability, high speed, high precision.
6, can be used for harsh environments, long-term work, easy operation and maintenance.

Cartesian Robot Application:
Due to the different end-effect tools, Cartesian robots can be easily used as a variety of automation equipment to complete such tasks as welding, handling, loading and unloading, packaging, palletizing, demolition, inspection, inspection, classification, assembly, labeling, and spraying. Code, code, (soft copy) spray, target follow, explosive and a series of work. It is especially suitable for flexible operation of many varieties and batches. It plays a very important role in stabilizing, improving product quality, increasing labor productivity, and improving labor conditions and rapid product replacement.

Post time: Aug-14-2018