What are the characteristics and advantages of linear motors?

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With the rapid development of automatic control technology and microcomputers, higher requirements are placed on the positioning accuracy of various types of automatic control systems. In this case, the traditional rotary electric machine is combined with a linear motion driven by a conversion mechanism. The devices can no longer meet the requirements of modern control systems. For this reason, many countries are researching, developing and applying them, making the application of linear motors more and more widely. Linear motors can be considered as a structural variant of rotating electrical machines. It can be seen as a rotating electrical machine along its radial section and then flattened and evolved. What are the advantages of linear motors? The following linear slider manufacturers share a few points for everyone.

Compared with rotary motors, linear motors mainly have the following features:

1 The structure is simple, because the linear motor does not need the additional device that turns the rotational motion into the linear motion, thus the structure of the system itself is greatly simplified, and the weight and the volume are greatly reduced.

2 The positioning accuracy is high. In the place where linear motion is needed, the linear motor can realize direct transmission, so it can eliminate various positioning errors brought by intermediate links. Therefore, the positioning accuracy is high. If the microcomputer is used, it can greatly improve the entire System positioning accuracy;

3 fast response, high sensitivity, good follow-up. The linear motor is easily supported by the magnetic levitation of its mover, so that the air gap between the mover and the stator is always maintained without contact, which eliminates the contact friction between the stator and the mover, thereby greatly improving the system. Sensitivity, rapidity and followability;

4 safe and reliable work, long life. The linear motor can realize the non-contact transmission force, and the mechanical friction loss is almost zero, so the failure is less and maintenance-free, so the work is safe and reliable, and the service life is long.

These features have led to the main applications of linear motors in the following three areas:

1. Used in automatic control systems, such applications are more;

2. As a long-term continuous operation of the drive motor;

3. Applicable to devices that require a large amount of linear motion energy within a short time and at a short distance.

Post time: Feb-18-2019