6 things small manufacturers need to know about Cartesian robots

3d model cartesian robot

Load, Accuracy, Stroke, Controller, Driver and Supplier.

1. They handle heavier loads—A 20 kg payload is no problem for a Cartesian robot, which makes money savings possible by downsizing mechanics, using smaller components and less complex controls.

2. They fit tough orientations—A Cartesian robot is able to achieve the required precision when space is tight.

3. They widen travel range—Cartesian robots work well for applications with spans up to 10 meters or longer. A SCARA or six-axis system can’t handle that travel range.

4. They simplify configuration—Configuration tools, like Rexroth’s Easy Handling, can create a linear motion system easily by plugging in the mass that needs to be moved and the required stroke.

5. They feature pre-parameterize controls—Pre-parameterized function blocks enable coordinated motion of several axes to be loaded into the controller at the factory. End-users can easily program in simplified robotic mnemonic code.

6. They assure safety—Utilizing intelligent servo drives with safety capabilities directly at the drive level enables a faster response.

Post time: Dec-23-2019