How to Carry Out the Implementation of Custom Linear Positioning System?

linear gantry robot for pick and place

In the previous article, we focused on the importance of the program design stage and Fuyu’s own process specifications for non-standard design.

So how do we carry out implementation after the plan is determined?
First, let’s imagine a situation, in Fuyu’s production workshop, the internal OA system received three production messages:
They are President Zhang of Home Furnishing Factory, Director Li of Medical Devices, and Manager Wang of Automobile R&D.

President Zhang’s linear motion system is used for home engraving and requires anti-sawdust, so it is arranged in a closed screw module production line.

Director Li’s linear motion system is used for medical device packaging and transportation, requiring high-speed and low-load movement, and is arranged on the synchronous belt module production line.

Manager Wang’s linear motion system is used for automatic lifting of doors and windows of automobiles, and is arranged in the production line of push rod motors.

At the same time, the three production lines issue production tasks and formulate phase tasks. All links are strictly implemented in accordance with the program specification, in short, everything is in accordance with the design of research and development.

The final product is shaped and rigorous product testing is carried out.

first step
Basic tests on stroke, accuracy, noise, load, speed, size, thrust, torque, etc.

Second step
Uninterrupted power depth test 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 500 times of waterproof and dustproof test. Whole body compression test 100 times. The repetitive positioning accuracy is 2000 times. The actual environment test of the simulated customer is not less than perfect 3000 times.

After the product is qualified, it will be mass produced and finally delivered. Each module is customized for you from the moment you place an order.

Purchasing Process
Under normal circumstances, in order to suppress the cost, the purchaser will put the price first in consideration. This is a purchasing concept that turns the cart before the horse.

1 During the procurement process, we strictly ensure that the quality is the first, the delivery time is the second, and the price is the third. Because the quality is unstable, it will definitely affect the delivery time and increase the purchase price.
2 Reject exclusive supply, all raw materials have more than three suppliers, even if the prices are different and the order quantity of materials is small, the principle shall be strictly implemented.
3 After each non-standard purchase, the entire company management will analyze the purchase data (such as purchase amount, purchase cycle, delivery time, etc.) to optimize the purchase process.
4 Real-time connection between the procurement business and the project, independent procurement management software, convenient for real-time control of contracts, projects, resources, activities, products, procurement, suppliers, delivery, revenue and costs, etc., to achieve the integrated management of raw material procurement and project implementation.

Logistics System
In recent years, Fuyu has been at a stage of rapid development. E-commerce orders are increasing and customers are distributed all over the world. Fuyu has achieved a comprehensive upgrade of its logistics system through logistics model changes, advanced information system applications, and efficient and applicable automation technologies.

1 Self-built warehousing center with more than 5,000 square meters, in strict accordance with size, category, and function division, special e-commerce cross-border zone to provide customized logistics distribution, self-operated spot inventory SKU exceeded 10,000, and delivery within 1 hour, international logistics The fastest delivery in 10 days, 90% of the cities across the country can achieve the next day.
2 Adopt three-dimensional storage, effectively increase storage space by more than 2 times, and increase efficiency by more than 60%. Accurate product management is achieved through barcode technology, internal wireless coverage is comprehensive, and instructions such as shelf, tally, and picking are realized through intelligent terminals, and they are automatically guided .

After-sale Warranty
After-sales The key guarantee for the sustainable development of an enterprise and the embodiment of its brand value. To be No. 1 on the e-commerce module online in 20 years is our pursuit of after-sales guarantee.

1 We have established an office localization system, penetrated into the front line of the market, provided technical door-to-door support services, door-to-door after-sales maintenance services, and served customers across the country in a practical manner.
2 Actively apply Internet, big data and other information technologies to provide new business formats such as remote detection and diagnosis, operation and maintenance, and carry out equipment supervision, maintenance, repair and product life cycle services.
3 Strictly implement the three guarantees policy, configure professional after-sales (mechanical automation professional background, more than 5 years of actual combat experience in the industry), 7X24 nanny service mode, and the general manager’s office regularly conducts random checks on after-sales calls, mainly based on service attitude and problem solving ability. , Divide the professional level.

At the moment, the entire Industry 4.0 trend is the continuous integration of automation and information technology. Everything is based on accurate data control as the core. We are also constantly investing in research and development in the PLC field, focusing on the convenience and accuracy of the entire linear motion system operation. .

In the future, when non-standard customization develops into standardized and intelligent production, after the system receives the demand, you will synchronize the visual program design process, the processing process, the inspection process, the packaging and delivery process, etc., after the product is put into use, our line Shanghai will also monitor the operation of the product life cycle. Once there is a problem, I will know before you, so that the entire after-sales service will also be unmanned and intelligent.

Post time: Jun-04-2021