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    Linear Motion Gantry System XYZ Robot Stage

    FUYU linear robots are designed to lower costs, reduce design time, and speed up integration. Linear robots are also referred to as gantry or cartesian robots. Gantry robots run on two axis (XY) and cartesian robots run on three axis (XYZ). As the name implies, these types of robots generally move in a straight line. They are best suited for more simple tasks that don’t require the range of motion a six-axis robotic arm would.

    1. Mechanical engineering/Specialmachinery

    Automation technology
    Feeding and picking units
    Workstation systems
    Protective enclosures
    Machine frames

    2. Packaging industry

    Format adjustment
    Feeding and picking technology
    Machine frames
    Flexible fastening systems
    Height adjustment of machines

    3. Intralogistics

    Transport trolleys/racks
    Material feeds
    Mobile workbenches/packing tables
    Flexible fastening systems
    Height adjustment of equipment

    4. Medical/pharmaceutical/laboratory

    Workstation systems
    Height adjustment of treatment couches
    Adjustment of examination devices

    5. Clean room/semiconductor technology

    Wafer handling and testing systems
    Certifed linear technology
    Stainless steel connection systems
    Working platforms and stair systems
    Safety devices

    Tailor-made linear motion systems for your industry applications.

    Post time: Jun-24-2024
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