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    Linear Actuator Industry Solutions

    Industrial Automation

    FUYU is committed to providing customers with high-performance and more reasonable industrial automation solutions. Industrial series linear actuator has strong corrosion resistance, high sealing and waterproofing and can beusedfora long time in harsh

    Medical Application

    FUYU medical series, driven by worm and gear, is easy to install and has long service life, low noise and no maintenance. It is widely used in medical beds, operating beds, nursing beds, dental chairs, wheelchairs and other fields.

    Smart Home

    FUYU furniture series, driven by worm gear and sliding block, has the characteristics of low noise, maintenance-free, stable product quality and long service life, which can be widely used in massage chairs, multifunctional sofas, TV lifting and other fields.

    New Energy Solutions

    FUYU solar series has the characteristics of high waterproof, salt fog resistance, temperature resistance, UV resistance, oxidation resistance, etc. Our products have passed salt spray test for more than 500 hours; IP66 protection rating, euqipped with built-in limit switch and hall sensor feedback.

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