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    Dustproof Heavy Load Linear Positioning Stage for Laser Testing

    Short Description:

    Technical Feature

    The double-track linear module developed by FUYU has a body width of 17cm, strong running stability, and a load of up to 120kg. It is mainly used for high-load and high-precision companies. The repeat positioning accuracy can reach ± 0.02mm. It is currently the most popular high-load product in the international market.

    Range of Application
    Laser cutting machine, PV back sheet cutting engraving machine,transportation mechanical arm, assistant device, Electric research test function demonstration, kinds of industrail automatic production line, kinds of precision machinery processing.
    Industry automation for semiconductor device, LED online device, solar equipment, FPD equipment.

  • Series: FTH17IS-T
  • Stroke Range: 50mm-1500mm
  • Module Width: 170mm
  • Repeat Position Accuracy: 0.02mm
  • Lead: 5/10/20/25mm
  • Speed Range: 250/500/1000/1250mm/s²
  • Horizontal Load Capacity: 120/110/80/60kg
  • Vertical Load Capacity: 50/40/25/20kg
  • Product Detail

    Company Profile

    Factory Introduction Product Certificate Research and Development Technology Service


    FUYU Technology is a Linear Motion System Intelligent Products Manufacturer. Our main products include Ball Screw Linear Module, Belt Driven Linear Guide Rail,Electric Actuator, Multi-axis Positioning Stage and Motion Controller for Cartesian Robot.As a National High Tech Enterprise, 82 intellectual property rights have been authorized, involving 6 invention patents, utility models, appearance patents and 76 software copyrights. We are certificated by CE, FCC, RoHS, IP65, TUV and ISO9001.Multi-axis Positioning System can be composed of several modules, Stroke Range 50mm-4000mm, Position Accuracy 0.02mm-0.2mm and Load Capacity 3kg-180kg. They are widely used for Medical Equipment, Automation Products Line, Electronic Industry and etc.As an Industrial Factory, we also accept OEM. Once you provide the machine design, our engineers will contact in 48 hours to suggest the best solution for the linear motion system.
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