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    3D printer axis systems

    Multi-axis systems are machine systems that implement a predefined multidimensional movement. Based on proven tribology, all  FUYU products rely on self-lubricating linear units – enabling lifelong operation of moving parts without external lubrication, as well as huge cost savings, as the maintenance cost and effort are significantly reduced.  For fast solutions, FUYU multi-axis systems can be purchased as pre-configured and ready-to-use assembled products. All positioning and movement systems can be individually calculated online and configured and ordered ready-to-install based on special requirements.

    The multi-axis systems from FUYU include a wide range of lubrication-free positioning systems and industrial robots:

    • XY-tables
    • Cartesian robots
    • Line robots
    • Low-profile linear robots
    • Delta robots
    • Gantry robots
    • Lift/rotate units and modules


    Maintenance-free XY-tables and linear robots

    • Optionally preloaded
    • Available as standard or pre-loaded version
    • Made of hard anodised aluminium or stainless steel
    • Delta robots
    • Linear robots
    • Lift/rotate unit


    Lubrication-free linear axis

    If you want to build a multi-axis system yourself, you can rely on the large selection of linear axes, which are driven either with a trapezoidal thread, high helix thread or toothed belt. From lightweight solid plastic units up to solid stainless steel solutions – there is a solution for all individual requirements. In all systems, the stroke length is freely selectable and the optional drive provided manually or by motor.

    Post time: Nov-06-2023
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