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    Linear Robitic Cartesian Robot

    Computer numerical control machines (CNC machines) and 3D printing are two typical applications for Cartesian coordinate robots. Milling machines and plotters use the most straightforward application, in which a tool, such as a router or a pen moves around an X-Y plane and is lifted and lowered onto a surface to produce a specific pattern.

    Cartesian coordinate robotics can also be used in pick-and-place machines. Overhead gantry Cartesian-robots, for example, are used to load and unload  components used in CNC lathe line, working in three axis (X, Y, Z) pick and place operation of heavy loads at high-speed and with high precision.

    Cartesian Robot Advantages

    1. They can move heavy payloads due to their compact construction and straight-line travel.
    2. A single controller can control many robots, obviating the need for PLC solutions or IO between several controllers.
    3. They can carry heavy loads over long distances because they have long strokes of around 2 meters.
    4. Their actions and roles are exact and repeatable.
    5. Cycle times are shortened due to their rapid moving speed and acceleration.
    6. The option to set 2-units on the Z-axis and minimizes mounting space.
    7. It can be built with virtually any linear actuator and several drive mechanisms (together with belt, lead-screw, actuator, or linear-motor).
    8. This mechanical structure simplified the Robot control arm solution, among other things and if working in 3D space, it is highly dependable and precise.

    Cartesian Robot Disadvantages

    1. On the other hand, Cartesian robots have drawbacks such as requiring a vast amount of space to run and being unable to work underwater.
    2. When operating in a dangerous environment, these robots also need special protection. Another downside of this robot type is that it is usually slower than the others.
    3. When the air is dirty, it is often difficult to keep dirt out of the sliding components.
    4. The use of an overhead crane or other material handling equipment to access the work envelope may be prohibited, and repair may be complicated.

    Post time: Dec-26-2022
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